Sunday, February 15, 2004


CabAreT VolTAirE

on its 88th rebirthday! -- February 7, 2004 5:00pm

Performed at Cabaret Voltaire - Arts Center, 358 Main Street Poughkeepsie, NY 12601

Founded And Directed by Artist: Sukran Aziz
Organized by Sukran Aziz and Fuat Yalin

Instead of the familiar in art.Cabaret Voltaire presents you a challenge.Now you can try risk-taking.On the edge events.
It will be a space for experience.Participation and discussion of extremes.On an international dimension.An arena of negation.
Reaffirmation for artist-gladiators.In the Spirit Of Dada.A Dada homebase.Based on the original Cabaret Voltaire.
Remember Zurich 1916.Senator Helmes as nothing more than Dada.The Guggenheim as so much Dada.Deutsche Gramophone Dada Dada.
The surrealists Dada Dada Dada.The Police would have screamed bloody Dada.Cage would have asked for at least a some Dada.Bard College would have slept through it.

Instead of the familiar in art, CabAreT VolTAirE will bring challenging, risk-taking, on-the-edge art events. It will be a space for experience, participation, and discussion of extremes on an international dimension, an arena of negation and reaffirmation for artist-gladiators, much in the spirit of DaDa in its homebase in the original CABARET VOLTAIRE founded in Zurich-Switzerland in February 1916.

Opening February 7, 2004
Participants to the Event:

  • Joshua Selman
  • Fuat Yalin
  • Cigdem Tankut
  • Alan Scarrit
  • Riva Rischner
  • Susan Quasha
  • George Quasha
  • Matt Pzorsky
  • Jeff Perkins
  • Franc Palaia
  • Ilhan Mimaroglu
  • Julia Mclaughlin
  • Buzz McCall
  • Gabriel Ariel Levicky
  • Elke Lehmann
  • Richard Lanham
  • Alison Knowles
  • James Byron Cathey
  • Krystina Borkowska
  • Sukran Aziz
  • Kathleen Anderson
  • Jessica Higgins
  •  Great Performance

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