Wednesday, November 12, 2003

This past time I was in Utrecht, Holland to make a fluxus concert and
another concert for Amsterdam. It is very healthy to look at younger
artists doing these event scores, and then with enthusiasm galore, they start to make up their own pieces. The hit of the student show was " Switchin' Sweaters". The piece rolled beautifully and finally the whole audience had changed sweaters with someone else. Actually I liked the one I had appropriated better than the one I arrived in! There were many fine pieces that evening organized by the artists and performed by the audience with some assistance from the Fluxus performance troupe.
A few days ago Larry Miller did a Fluxus show in Cambidge, Mass. This was called" Do It Yourself Fluxus." The show was very simply a marathon of fluxus activities, one day and some of a night. Walking into the gallery people were eating, sweeping, pouring water into buckets, hanging violins from the rafters to catch the daylight, things like that, but they kept at it all day. When people entered the gallery they proceeded through rustling papers by myself, a labrinth by Larry Miller modeled after the one in Berlin designed by George Maciunas, food was felt with gloves on, hats were available with Ben Vautier ideas in white on black, things like that.

The other things to mention for the month of October as it melts into the past, is the Work Ethic show at the Baltimore Museum of Art. The proposition here was to have other people make the art works, or become artworks. Irwin Wurm presented clothing with extra legs and arms that one could put on in the museum, Sol Lewitt had his works presented that had been done by others following his plan, Gabriel Orozco presented an office overgrown like a jungle. Even hand made snowballs were shown from an exhibition of snowballs on 2nd avenue.Hugh Pocock drilled for water in the musuem garden and after serveral days accomplished this to everyone's delight. I made a salad for a great many people tossing it with a canoe padel and stirring it up in a rubbermaid vat with yummy organic greens served up with Mozart on either side of the event: My hope was to have it perceived as music rather than visual art. It was a great day. Now I am resting. Artists organizing then producing and presenting is alot of work. There is no question that we have to be in charge of the whole proceedure with some help from our friends. Art institutions are helpful from time to
time. However, the responsibility for action rests on you know who!

Saturday, November 01, 2003

War driven mongers
I will not become you
beckening you
into outer spheric
multitudes. WARing
WARing into dust
of intellectual properties
gone off course
to some insomniacs room
full of dread
and bread and butter.
600 horse power machine
walking blindly to the sun
of ancient civilizations
not caring
or daring to see their
point of view.
Someone somewhere
talk to me.
Tell me unsung thoughts
of unmarried youth
devouring history
like a flower's sweet smell
at dawn.
Come before me.
Don't scare me
at night with unknown
blasts of misunderstanding.

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